Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Age Representation in TV Dramas


Derek Hale from 'Teen Wolf' 
Derek Hale is a character in the TV drama, 'Teen Wolf'. The majority of characters in the show are teenagers and Derek plays a character around the age of 20-21. Compared to the teenage characters, Derek shows signs of independence and doesn't rely on a parent to get him through the daily life he lives. This is partly, because of his personality and the fact his immediate family died in a fire, however he is a strong and caring character. The way he deals with situations, prove that he is experienced in dealing with situations. 

 He's clever. He recognizes when people are playing around with his feelings. This is because he has had experience with friendships and relationships in the past and stereo-typically the 21 year old character in TV Dramas, would be more wise than the teenage characters who are stereo-typically unaware and uneducated. 

Derek is wise. He shows it in this example photo here. He is giving Scott advice. Advice given by older people to younger people shows helpfulness and care. We see some of Derek's personality here. He cares for Scott and states facts. He meets the dominant ideology of a 20-29 year old as he is strict, fair and wise. 

However, Derek subverts the stereotype as he is alone for most of his time in the show. He isolates himself from everyone else and this is because he has had a troubled past. His character has trouble trusting people and connecting with people in order to create relationships.

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