Sunday, 11 October 2015

Media Presentation

In my group, I analysed the clip.

'In this clip, we see a disabled man being stereotypically judged in several different ways. We see his being presented as pathetic and useless, an object of violence, sinister and evil, as a cripple, as an enemy, as a burden and sexually abnormal.

In the first scene, the man asks for his job back, to which his work friends reply in the nicest way possible... NO! They try to swerve around the matter and think of excuses, because they look down on the man, because of his disability. They think he's gullible - when in actual fact, he knows exactly what is going on. The scene starts with an establishing shot - to set the scene of a working environment and then the camera focuses in to a close up shot of one of his work friends face. When the disabled man enters the seen, we see the friends' facial expression drop, as if he is already judging him before he has even said anything. This is immediate discrimination.

The second clip is of the man scaring the members of the public. When he goes to pick up the shopping that the woman has dropped, she screams spontaneously. This is because, he immediate reaction was scared. She was scared of him, because of his physical disability. He gets a little embarrassed at first and then angry. She then feels guilty and tries to make up for it when she says: "I would have screamed if it was anybody". It is even worse, because the two people actually know each other, so this makes the man with the disability even more upset.

The next scene shows the man being sinister and evil to the members of the public. As he is walking around the city centre, sinister and dark music is being played to represent his personality and appearance. It shows he is a burden to society. The camera focuses in on people's reactions when he walks past them. They seem shocked and horrified to think that someone like him is allowed out in public. This makes the character victimised, because he is disabled.

In the end, he is talking to a man of higher class and authority. The disabled man here, discuss' getting a role in the army, because he feels like he is so ugly, he could scare away the enemy just by them looking at his face. he has felt so discriminated against, that it could result to him being a threat to anyone. He even says that he doesn't think he will find a girlfriend. This is what disabled people are made to feel like to some people in society and this is what this TV drama is trying to prove.

Throughout the clips played, we see some camera work being used to make the audience and viewers feel sympathy for the character. the camera will show a close up of the man, but from the side - just presenting his face (on the normal side), and then it will move to a close up on the full face and when the audience learn he has been in an accident - they automatically feel sorry for him - because he has to live with that and they don't. He is always made out to be completely different.'

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