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Camera Work in US TV Drama: Teen Wolf (Seasons 1&2)

clip : 'funniest moments - teen wolf (season 1)'
This short video on YouTube is a collection of second clips from the hit TV Drama; 'Teen Wolf'. Each clip is around 5-20 seconds long.
Looking at the first 2 minutes of this clip, I analysed the following:
Clip 1
0.00 - 0.04 - Medium shot of the character of Scott McCall walking towards the camera with a baseball bat in his hand, looking worried. He is engaging with the environment as it is set at night time, with the woods in the foreground and there is an eerie point being made of him being alone. The camera moves with him towards the audience as he walks forward. This makes it tense for the audience to watch as anyone could be lurking.
0.05 - The scene soon becomes a two shot, as the camera moves to the character of Stiles who causes Scott to jump when he appears from the roof above Scott and makes him jump. This is probably, reliving for the audience as the tense atmosphere gets broken, with a continued amusing conversation then between the two best friends.
Clip 2
0.016 - Jackson and Scott are seen having a conversation in a mid/two-shot. Over the shoulder is being used as each character is talking to show the audience what action is happening around them, which in this case, is nothing too important.
Clip 3
0.30 - Stiles and Scott are seen digging a hole and the camera is tilted upwards. This creates panic for the audience. The camera is placed, as so the audience were maybe in the hole looking up. This is quite scary for the viewer and it shows that the characters at this point, have more power over us. They are superior.
0.34 - Camera angle shifts to show Stiles' facial expression. We see a close-up of his face and can witness as viewers the anxiety he is feeling.
Clip 4
0.44- Two shot of Scott and his Mum. Over the shoulder technique is being used here. Mid close-up is being used to show the expressions each character is using. It's a flowing conversation and we can tell this from the quick angle-reverse angle shots being used. It proves a close bond between the two relatives.
1.04 - As characters finish the conversation, the camera zooms out of the scene and gives us a long shot finally, of a bedroom, which shows the bond is close between the two characters, as they are in a fairly personal location.
Clip 5
1.05 - Two shot (again), of Scott and his coach. Over the shoulder is being used frequently and also close up, depending on what the coach is saying to Scott, so we as viewers can read his facial expressions, which in this situation, is confused.
1.18- Long - shot of the location. We see a school office, filled with items that relate to lacrosse. The viewers get a feel for the TV show and what it is about. A sub genre of sport could be noted.
Clip 6
1.20 - Extreme close-up of Stiles in a police car behind some kind of caged barrier. This extreme close up and close-up swaps, creates panic for the character.
1.23- Derek is shown on the other side of the barrier, looking angry. Only a mid-shot is used here, probably because, Stiles is more of a main character in this scene.
Clip 7
1.27 - Scott is being interrogated by his Mum. Scott is on the floor and he is being shown to us from a low angle whilst his Mum is talking to him. This makes him seem vulnerable and weak, but also that his Mum holds the power at this point. 
1.33 - Close- up of Scott on the floor. Panic and confusion is noted on his face.
1.35- Camera is on a high angle on Scott's Mum to show she is still holding the power. However, just like in the previous clip, the close-up isn't used - just the mid-shot. This is because, Scott is the main character and his emotions determine what actually happens in the story. The TV show is being told from his point of view. 
Clip 8  
1.43 - Stiles and his Dad are seen in a mid-shot. They are in the woods and a sense of tension is created as the camera focuses on the two of them (in a two - shot) walking off into the distance.
Clip 9
1.46 - Mid-shot of Scott and Stiles in the boys' changing room. We get a sense of location. The clip is a two - shot of the boys talking.
1.54 - Camera angle quickly changes to a close - up of Stiles, when he hears something he doesn't like. This is a good way to get this message across to the viewers.
1.59 - Close - up of Scott answering back to Stiles.
2.09 - Simple noddy shot of Stiles reacting to Scott. This proves a lot to the viewers about the friendship the two best friends have with each other and Stiles' personality.
Pretty Little Liars
- This is a still from a recent season of the US TV Drama; 'Pretty Little Liars' (PLL)
In this high angled view of the girls, we can see them in full length and everything around them. From this angle it shows they're being victimised. A sign of weakness.

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