Friday, 11 September 2015

Representation of characters - Image 2 – Suits 

Dominant Reading

·         The creator wants us to think that the men are in power, just because they are at the front of the shot and are wearing suits. They aren’t looking at the women, but the women are looking at them. Their body posture and the way they are looking in their facial expressions, shows they are determined and maybe tell us that their characters in the show are hardworking and successful people.

Negotiated Reading

·         Everyone in this photo is obviously of higher class. They are all wearing successful clothing and are standing in a formality that seems structured and secure.

Oppositional Reading

     Some feminists looking at this photo would feel that the women are being sexualised, because they are wearing revealing clothing and they're also looking down on the men (who seem to be in more control and power). They are leaning in on the men and they are more relaxed. Some viewers may feel that they are just there as entertainment for the men. 

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