Monday, 28 September 2015

Who Am I?

I personally fit into several of the groups, that are advertised on the website above.


MAINSTREAM - I fit into this category, because I am a teenager who follows the latest' everything in this modern day society. I hang out in social parts of town and do the average stuff a day to day teen would do. I listen to the radio and I know about fresh things that happen over social media or TV. I am your average teenage girl. I like to stick to what I know and what is safe than be adventurous. Most of the time. This is why I fit into several teams...

In this category, is labelled 'Fangirls'. If you have never come across a fangirl before in your life... you have now. 'Fangirl' should probably be my middle name. Although I hate to admit it, I am a massive fangirl. My obsessions go from bands and singers to Disney characters and films. I spend most of the day flicking through twitter and tumblr and Netflix finding things to fall in love with. I used to follow bands like 'The Wanted', but then when they broke up, I had to find some new talent. Music is a massive part of my life - I don't know how I'd function without it to be honest. I'm into everything and anything, but Shawn Mendes is someone whom I support a great deal and going to see him for the first time earlier on this year in March, was probably the best thing ever. However, music isn't just what I cry over. Films and TV shows get me too. Also book series, yes I am a nerd and a geek and I'd probably rather sit in and watch Netflix and eat pizza than go out clubbing. 'Cringey' or not - it's a part of what makes me, me. Just a part.

I also find myself slotting into the group of 'Townies' and 'Makers' too. I work in town - which gives me a good excuse to find myself shopping there a few times. I just love shopping. It's like a relaxing, enjoyable workout for us girls. True. I love to buy new makeup and clothes (whatever is the fashion), with the money I kind of don't have.
When it comes to the other group, I make social media accounts into second lives. That's all I'm going to say.

ALTERNATIVES - I fit into this group, purely for the reason that I want to stand out and be different, but I just end up getting drawn back into the mainstream population, because I'm a lazy teenager.

SUPERFANS - I fit into this group, because unlike a traditional fangirl, I take inspiration from the things I obsess over and make versions of my own. I'm currently writing a book series called, 'The Ashbourne Road Project', which features inspirational ideas from movies and books like, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time etc.. (basically things I am in love with). I love to write and create characters and plot lines for them. This proves I go above and beyond the average fangirl. I don't know why I'm 'bragging' about this, because it's sad. Very sad.

GET PAID CREW - I fit into this sub-category in the 'URBAN' group, because I have a job, so I can earn lots of money. I only really work hard in order to get my wages so I can go to great things and meet great people - also so I can buy some nice great clothes too maybe. And makeup... that's very important too.

STYLERS - I like to think I fit into this category, because I am a teenage girl who works in fashion and I like to think I follow the fashion as best as I can, with the money I have.

TRACKIES - I think we can all hold our hands up and say we are part of this group from time to time. There's nothing better than getting into your comfy clothes and ordering in pizza whilst watching your favourite show on Netflix all night... even talking about it now gives me a warm feeling. It's the best thing ever. I hate that now it is made into a joke of a 'Netflix and chill' kind of thing. Like no, that's not what were doing. We are being teenagers and we are being lazy teenagers... nothing will be happening other than scoffing our face full of snacks and crying over the deaths of our favourite fictional characters. Yes, this is something I do often... too often.

TRENDIES - I personally think I fit into this category more than I do of the 'MAINSTREAM'. This category is like a unique twist on the 'typical teenage girl'. Don't get me wrong, I am digging all the latest and hottest trends, but I feel like this is a more comfortable group for me. Vintage fashion is something that just draws me in and music is something which I believe in a lot. Without music and film I don't know where I would be... The world would suck without it, basically.

VLOGGERS - I don't make YouTube videos, but hey, who says a girl can't dream.

HIPSTERS - I'm not even going to comment, because I'll probably get called a 'try-hard'. Going of tangent.. that's one of my favourite 5SOS songs. Serious.


This is such a hard question. I wouldn't exactly compare myself to any celebrities, because I'm just a normal teenage girl, there's nothing special about me.

I really look up to a budding author from America who, like me, is passionate about writing. Her name is Jenna Moreci. She's not famous by any means... but she has a lot of subscribers and a lot of fellow followers who are all like me. I find her work inspirational and her advice saves my life. It really does. Here's a link to one of her videos: 'Writing For Yourself' -

I have been supporting a band called 'Only The Young' for a very long time and can we just appreciate how amazingly gorgeous Betsy and Parisa are. They are 100% goals. (In English terms, this means I think they are excellent role models and I get my clothing style from these two girls, also they are very iconic and just pretty... they're very pretty)

In fact.. I found the perfect photo.
All 3 of my style icons in one photo... Let's take in the beauty and appreciate their amazingness.

As you can probably tell from my blog feed, I love The Maze Runner Series (and anything surrounding that), so that's Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Skins, Once Upon A Time, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter... I could go on and on. Because of that, I had to include in this post, my 3 ultimate queens of the film industry. I mean don't get me wrong there are lots of actresses out there whom I wish to look like and sound like and act like, but these 3 are very special to me.

Jennifer Lawrence , Kaya Scodelario and Emma Watson. Absolute beauties.

There's a lot of women in the music and film industry whom I aspire to be like, however I try not to let it take over my life too much. I don't stress and panic if I don't look like, for example, Kaya one day, because Kaya is Kaya and I am myself. If I feel I look good one day, I'll take a selfies or something. I feel like society has made girls feel so insecure about themselves these days. I feel like there is a 'perfect' image being created by 'Photoshop' etc., basically it's fake. I feel like girls' confidence has been knocked to 0 because of the media and what society describes to be the best girlfriend or singer etc. that a male or other female looks for when they are finding a lover. As girls, we get jealous and stressed and it isn't fair.

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