Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Teen Wolf / Representation

Representation of characters - Image 4 – Teen Wolf

Dominant Reading

This is a promo picture for the TV Drama Series: 'Teen Wolf'. We can see in the centre of the image, the character of Alison clutching onto her boyfriend Scott. For the dominant audience reacting to this photo, it suggests she relies on him for control in something, or most things. Whilst she is hanging on, we can see Scott showing bravery and standing tall holding onto his girlfriend. He is caring and holds dominance. This is the same situation for the couple in the background of the front two characters. The creator would of chosen to place the other two characters on their own, because it suggests they don't have anyone to rely on or they are there for a threat... especially the character of Derek (to the far right of the promo photo), who is holding a threatening facial expression, which would cause some curiosity for anyone who is looking at the image and trying to figure out who plays who in the TV Drama. 

Negotiated Reading

Some audience members may feel that everyone in the photo is a threat to each-other. They may look at their ages and figure out they're all around the same age and also the fact that nobody in the photo is smiling would suggest that the topics dealt with on the show, are serious ones. 

Oppositional Reading

Feminists would look at this photo and think that the female characters are being weakened by the males. This is because, they are holding onto their male partners for reassurance or maybe because they're being told what to do, because of the arrogant facial expressions held by the males.  

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  1. Some interesting comments. Could you add anything about the representation of age?