Friday, 11 September 2015

Representation of characters - Image 3 – Dot Cotton (Eastenders)

Dominant Reading

·         Most viewers would look as this image and think of a stereotyped old woman being shown. She is wearing an old coat and has a handbag that is small. She keeps her money in a tin in the kitchen, because it is thought of that the elderly do not trust banks and would rather keep their money on them at all times.

Negotiated Reading

·         Other viewers may think that her elderly stereotype features can be overlooked by her painted nails and permed hair. Some people may be thinking that she can still look after herself, even if she I old and why does it matter if she keeps her money in a tin? Some people do that at a younger age, because they prefer holding the physical cash.

Oppositional Reading

·         Some audience members may think that the complete opposite reason for the old woman holding money. Some may feel that she has the big load of money in cash, because she is a drug dealer, or she is buying drugs. Some may concentrate on her facial expressions being confused and scared. This may lead to her fussing and checking over the money to see if it is all there in order for her to buy the things that she needs.

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