Friday, 11 September 2015

Representation of characters - Image 1 – Casualty

In this scene we can see a doctor, a nurse and a consultant.
The nurses’ face isn’t shown, because her work isn’t benefiting the patient who is obviously seriously hurt, because the facial expressions on the doctor’s and consultants face show confusion and concentration. The other 2 characters have the most power. 

The races are mixed, which shows that the job isn’t suited for just one ethnicity.

Dominant Reading

·         The creator intends that the audience react in a shocked way from this still image, because the look on the characters faces show that the patient is seriously hurt. From this photo we cannot tell who the patient is, but for the audience (whom will know more), the patient could maybe be a character that is important to the show, therefore the creator will want the audience to react in the most effective way.

Negotiated Reading

·         Some audience members may think the image is trying to prove that people from other countries have more intelligence than the typical British worker.

Oppositional Reading

·         Depending on what the viewer may think, determines how the image is portrayed. Casualty being a series on TV means that there are characters on the show that some viewers have developed feelings for, so they will react differently for each character. Some people may think about the race in this picture and some people will judge the work of the genders.

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